Penitentiary and Justice Service


Nuctech Inspection Systems present in Penitentiary Services.

Nuctech employs the latest, most reliable, low-dose X-ray transmission technology to detect Drugs, Metallic / Non-Metallic Weapons, Explosives, Liquids and other gangs and threats hidden within the human body, whether within artificial limbs, shoes and under the clothes. We offer different solutions for penitentiary services, which can be used at the entrances of visits or during internal inspections.

Metal Detector Bows and Vanes, Millimeter Wave or X-Ray Body Scanners and Lump Scanners are ideal solutions for visitor inspection. Scanners for Suitcases or Pallets, can be used for the inspection of merchandise entry of suppliers.

NUCTECH Brand Substance Identifiers and Trace Detectors for Explosives and Narcotics are used in Correctional Services worldwide.



12 months, includes corrective maintenance service with spare parts included.


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